Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Sunday, March 10: On County cooperation, bike lanes, cartoons

Politicians’ egos hurt cooperation

Re “Stanislaus County needs more action to back up words” (Page 2B, March 6): Thank you for the insightful editorial about Stanislaus County government cooperating with cities to deliver goods and services.

Saying that one is going to partner is easier than doing so. For many years, governments within the county have sought one-sided agreements and acted as independent fiefdoms. As a result, taxpayer money has often been spent ineffectively, with excessive administrative costs or incomplete outcomes.

The biggest barrier to cooperation has been outsized egos of officeholders. “That’s your problem” should become “your problem is my problem.” With cooperation, everyone benefits.

If Terry Withrow delivers on a pledge of partnership and cooperation throughout the spectrum of infrastructure and service delivery, he will be the greatest supervisor Stanislaus County has ever had.

Evidence of cooperation will consist of joint city-county meetings, revenue sharing, elimination of service overlap, effective problem solving, and economic prosperity. Economies of scale are best accomplished with pooled resources.

The partnership to accommodate homeless citizens is admirable. Monitoring individual outcomes is an essential component. Each homeless citizen needs a path to permanent housing.

Bruce R. Frohman, Modesto

Note: The author is a former Modesto City Councilman

Some liars are better than others

OMG, Trump is a liar? Politicians lie. So your liar is a better person than my liar?

Try looking for context. Exaggerations and framing things in the best light are all lies, but not all lies are equal. So who is to blame? The major media let their liars off the hook and castigate those with whom they disagree.

If lying was an impeachable offense, we would have very few politicians.

Lee Adams, Oakdale

Paint wasted on bike lanes, crosswalks

I would like to know if the city of Modesto got a real good sale on green and white paint or are they just getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day? If they didn’t, my gosh, they sure spent a lot of money on the green and white painting done on Standiford and Briggsmore avenues.

Everyone knows there is a bike lane. Do we need gallons of green paint for a quarter of a mile to show that it is a bike lane? I have seen people wait until they reach the corner to turn right so they don’t block the empty bike lane.

The white oblong strips painted across whole intersections are so large and confusing, then you see that they are only crosswalks. What happened to just two lines across the street from corner to corner, to walk in? Anyway, happy St. Patrick’s Day and to the wearin’ of the green.

Patricia Landucci, Modesto

Giving away the store

Never in my life have I seen such stupidity by our government in the decision to sell to Turkey, of all people, 200 F-35 fighter jets. They already had bought two, which probably have already been shared with the Russians.

Our government, with the aircraft industry, spent hundreds of millions developing the most lethal, sophisticated aircraft ever designed. Thank God Congress is holding up the sale for now!

President Eisenhower said upon leaving office, “Watch out for the industrial-military complex.” Was he ever right. When are we ever going to learn to protect our secrets?

Ray Simon, Modesto

Religious intolerance and hate speech

What happened to America? It use to be, “You go to your church and I’ll go to mine, but we will all walk along together!”

(The March 6) political cartoon says, “If your faith believes my deviation is unacceptable, then I will attack you on my editorial page.” Isn’t that hate speech?

Dave Shoemaker, Sonora

All aboard with train suggestions

Governor Newsom, forget about high speed rail. The tracks, engines and cars are too expensive. There is no need for a train that goes this fast when you just get up to speed and have to slow down for the next stop, and regular Amtrak engines are capable of running 100 mph-plus. Try to negotiate with the rail companies to lay a parallel track along their right of way, saving millions of dollars in land acquisition costs.

Don’t stop the tracks at Merced, but run them up to Manteca where they can connect to ACE and the line to Sacramento. Then for a bold move, tee off the tracks in Tracy or use the line to the north of the Altamont Pass to hook up to BART in Livermore. Increase train frequency on this line. Now you have two lines that connect the valley to the Bay Area. This would also provide much-needed relief to congestion along the 580 corridor and the Altamont Pass, which can be a parking lot during rush hour. This would do much to help clean valley air and help your signature campaign on global warming.

Craig Julsgard, Modesto

Editorial missed the mark

Re “Stanislaus County ex-assistant sheriff Breshears criticizes Stephon Clark editorial” (Page 6B, March 7): I was quite surprised and discouraged by your recent Opinion regarding the police response to Stephon Clark. I believe your tone was harsh and divisive. Did you not hear California Attorney General Xavier Becerra? He went step by step through the findings. I think you rushed to emotional judgment.

I support the article written by Richard Breshears and hope you will consider covering events, as you have done in the past, with a less slanted view.

Barbara Moran, Modesto