Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 24, 2019 | We must do more to fight Alzheimer’s; I should know

Governor pledges to fight Alzheimer’s

Recently, in his first State of the State address, Gov. Gavin Newsom spoke up for the 2.2 million people in California who are impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. People like me.

I was diagnosed over 7 years ago with early on-set dementia at just 51 years of age. I had to take full disability leave from a job I loved for 32 years. My last position was VP and District Manager overseeing 12 banking branches in and around Stanislaus County.

Alzheimer’s is the third-leading cause of death in California with no way to stop, cure or prevent it. Yet only 45 percent of people with some type of dementia receive a diagnosis. I became an Alzheimer’s Association advocate because those statistics must change.

Our state is beginning to address these challenges through the governor’s new task force and with the recent introduction of AB 388 by Monique Limon, which would equip California for the public health crisis of this generation. Thank you, Gov. Newsom and Assemblymember Limon for leading our state in the fight to end Alzheimer’s!

Steven A. Barbieri, Modesto

This veteran will miss Dr. Bishop

My sincere thanks to Dr. William F. Bishop in Modesto’s Veterans Administration clinic for attending and taking care of me all these years. Dr. Bishop is an excellent doctor who always take his time listening to our health problems and recommending what’s best. We will miss him dearly. Thank you, Dr. Bishop, for having been such an excellent and caring doctor.

Manuel Lopez, Turlock

Green Dream is a nightmare

Now come the young guns. The Socialist Democrats of America. So knowledgeable and forthright. So enlightened. And just in time to save us from our destructive selves. The Green Dream, they say. Yessiree. Eliminate all aircraft in 10 years. Eliminate our two hometown helicopter air ambulances. And the Sheriff’s Department Air Support Unit. And the Army National Guard’s Aviation Regiment in Stockton. Erect a plaque where the Sacramento-based Coast Guard search and rescue squadron used to be.

And eliminate completely the sinister and cancer causing flying machines that make up our state and national fire-attack fleet. Enemies of the planet, they call them. Such imminent threats to our health to be torn from the sky by savior socialists shielding us from fossil-fuel wretchedness and certain death. We must give thanks for these young elites, they say, answering the call to arms for causes greater then themselves. So eager to show us the way; how to live, what to think, how to behave; the enlightened few deciding for the rest of us what is necessary and proper to achieve the utopian life of the Left. So they say.

Rick Raef, Modesto

Classless socialists ruining America

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez publicly says she is going to “f---” up Donald Trump. A real class act. Then there’s Ilhan Omar, shooting off her mouth. No respect for themselves or the office they hold. I wasn’t a real big fan of President Obama. Yet he was my president, and you respect the man and the office like it or not.

This disrespectful “showboating” by these women makes all Americans look bad. But don’t talk bad about these two, because they are women and a different nationality. If you do you are a “racist,” according to liberals. How sad this country has become such a place of hatred. People say they “hate” Trump. Hate, really? I hate child molesters, rapists and murderers, not politicians.

I just pray that there is still an America like the America I got to grow up in for my children and grandchildren. Because if we keep going the direction of socialism, no borders, free money, etc., the country is doomed.

Samuel H. Newnam,


Harder impresses me already

Rep. Josh Harder is in his second month in Congress. He’s been active from the first day he was sworn in. He voted 10 times to reopen the government during the shutdown; co-sponsored several bills to accomplish real change – including restoring ethics requirements in government, strengthening voters’ rights, providing support to veterans and removing “big money” from politics. He spoke in his first congressional hearing about continued threats to healthcare for millions of Americans. Harder has held open, in-person town halls in the district since being sworn in, unlike his predecessor who went a year and a half from his last town hall to being voted out.

Harder has promised not to take a position on any issue he hasn’t read about, researched and taken time to determine if it is in the best interest of the Valley. He is an intelligent, thoughtful and hardworking individual with ambitions for a just, pragmatic government.

Denise C. Hunt, Turlock

How can anyone vote Democratic?

This letter is really a question I need answered. I am a native Californian and used to be a Democrat. I really need to know why the people of California are still voting for Democrats. I can’t understand it.

I know you have a party and you want to stand by it. From what I see, you can’t think for yourself. You are followers. It has to be that. Look what the Democrats have done for California. Insisted on building bullet train, putting lots of money into it, then scrapping it. Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown – what a team. Our schools used to be near the top, but are now near the bottom. San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles are garbage dumps. I gasp at what I see when I visit where I was born.

But let’s vote Dems in again. Why? Because I’m a Democrat. Sanctuary cities. Criminals let loose on your streets. Taxing our water. California needs more taxes. But I digress. So when you write to tell me how wrong I am, don’t just say you hate the president. Tell me what the Democrats have done to help California.

Linda Meyer, Sonora

Closing public health lab is sad

I am sad that Stanislaus County is closing its Public Health Laboratory. That means if you work with children or in health care, and contract Salmonella, you will have to be cleared by the San Joaquin County public health laboratory before returning to work. Threats of botulism or rabies will have to go through San Joaquin County. Emerging diseases or public threats, such as Ebola, swine or bird flues, SARS, smallpox or anthrax will also go through San Joaquin County. Already, thousands of dollars of expensive laboratory equipment purchased by Stanislaus County has been given to the San Joaquin County Public Health Laboratory. Sadly, local laboratory expertise to answer questions and aid in planning will be lost.

Lenore Hawks, Oakdale