Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 12, 2019 | Too late to save Delta and the rivers

Already too late to save Delta, rivers

By now, it should be apparent to everyone involved that there is no good solution to the Bay-Delta and river water-quality problem. The salmon run and the estuary, what’s left of them, will never be restored. In spite of all the wrangling about how much water should flow down the Stanislaus, Merced and Tuolumne rivers, no solution will ever be more than a stop-gap measure. With groundwater supplies diminishing, the demand for river water is too great and steadily increasing.

Unfortunately, all this bickering and suing and demands from the state will prove futile. The resource cannot be saved.

By the the early 2030s, sea-level rise and higher river temperatures will destroy the estuary, the salmon run and Delta farming. Everyone involved in the so-called “science” behind river salmon and estuary restoration needs to look beyond biased self interest. Big trouble is around the corner. We need to minimize economic disruptions and start making plans and preparations for that “inconvenient” truth.

Jerome Handley, Turlock

Harder willing to be truly bipartisan

I welcomed Rep. Josh Harder’s quick return home after he was installed in the House of Representatives. He had his first of many promised town halls and met with people one-on-one. He had a good sense of his responsibilities in Congress, one being to welcome talk across the aisle. He mentioned meeting with a group of Democrats and Republicans eager to work together, without which there will be no movement to the current stalemate.

I am glad he was appointed to the Agricultural committee. He has already spent time with farmers and understands a major problem is having enough water in the valley. While he was here this last week he visited with farmers and people at Don Pedro Dam.

June Mills, Ceres

Working to unite our divided district

My generational family story predicts a bad outcome from a community deeply divided. What could our congressional representative, Josh Harder, do to make us stronger?

In his first month in office, Harder has reached across the aisle looking for bipartisan solutions, traveled up and down the district, held in-office hours, hosted town halls and visited with everyone from farmers to high school students.

At his January town hall, he didn’t dodge tough questions or pander to supporters. The audience was mostly courteous, but as emotions rose he made it clear he was there to listen to all.

If we support legislation for humane immigration reform, increased opportunities for small businesses and HR 1 (taking corporate PAC money out of politics) we could help him build a stronger, less-divided community.

Trudy Silveira, Modesto