Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 4, 2019 | Memorial staff eased my father’s grief

Angels are working at Memorial

My father Richard has spent a lot of time at the Memorial Medical Center fourth floor infusion unit. The nurses and staff are all loving and kind. My father’s dog Jeckle passed away, and his grief was real and painful. I love my father, and leaving him at the hospital was difficult. But I am also a mother.

My son and I went back to sit with my father while he finished his treatment. Before we left for home, the entire staff from the fourth floor came into my dad’s room with a card and a present. They formed a line and gave us all hugs goodbye; we could feel their love. Thank you to the angels who make this difficult journey a little easier, and thank you to my wonderful father.

Dana Bosio, Modesto

Harder proves he will listen to all

In the midst of the hyper-partisan political environment, Congressman Josh Harder’s first town-hall meeting on Jan. 19 was a breath of fresh air. Harder took questions from people representing a broad variety of perspectives, including a question asking if he would support funding for a border wall. Harder’s response took the questioner’s concerns seriously and made it clear he supports strong border security, but, in 2019, simple physical barriers are not an effective solution.

Harder discussed increased funding for immigration courts and the use of cameras, drones and other technological solutions. His response reflected a concern for a secure border and a grasp of ways border security can be improved. He was also concerned that people fleeing dangerous situations in Central America have requests for asylum taken seriously and dealt with humanely.

Darin Haydock, Turlock

Good walls make good sense

What do Democrats have against a wall on our southern border? We build walls around our prisons to keep bad guys in. We build walls and fences around our schools to keep shooters and other bad guys out. We build walls around the White House and other government buildings to keep out possible terrorists.

Many people, including many politicians, live in gated communities. Why? To feel safe and secure. We have walls and fences around military installations. And we have fences around a lot of agricultural lands. So why are Democrats demonizing a wall and/or fences on our border? Is it just to be obstructionists? Should we encourage people to take down their fences around their yards, so people can move through freely?

Perhaps the Democrats think $5.7 billion is too much. Yet they are touting Medicare for all at a cost of $32 trillion. That’s almost as much as the government takes in for all taxes in a year. Too many people think government has money. They don’t realize the only money the government has is what it takes.

Frank A. Ramczyk,