Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 11, 2019 | New law puts us in danger from a killer

This murderer still a danger to all

I applaud our local law enforcement’s hard work and sacrifices in working to keep our community safe despite new laws that appear to undermine their efforts. One such law is SB1391, which was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown last September. Another is Proposition 57, which requires courts – not prosecutors – to decide if juveniles are to be tried as adults.

The man who murdered Chaz Bettencourt in 2010 in Riverbank could be set free because he was a minor when he committed this heinous crime. Turlock Diaz (now 23) viciously shot and killed Bettencourt, then 21, at point-blank range following an attempted carjacking.

Now the justice system is considering releasing a murderer into society. This sends the message that you can commit the most violent, monstrous acts as long as you are under 18 and only get a few years at CYA. This is wrong, but also dangerous to the ongoing safety of our citizens. Diaz’s conviction as an adult should, without question, be upheld. If not, the judge who overturns it should be held responsible for Diaz’s future victims.

James Hansen, Modesto

Hanson got this bit of history wrong

Re “Mueller investigation stirs up more trouble than it’s finding” (Page 2B, Dec. 30): Victor Davis Hanson surely penned his essay prior to Dec. 18. His scathing indictment of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s handling of Gen. Michael Flynn ended abruptly on that date. On Dec. 18, Judge Emmet Sullivan rejected Mueller’s recommendation of no jail time with a rebuke of Flynn’s actions. Judge Sullivan expressed “disgust” and “dismay” and said Flynn’s actions flirted with treason. “Arguably, you sold your country out,” the judge said.

Judge Sullivan then gave Flynn an opportunity to reverse his guilty plea, which Flynn declined to do. He agreed to postpone sentencing, as the judge would not guarantee he would not be incarcerated if sentenced on that date. Hanson, an author of historical books and essays, is solidly in Trump’s camp. In this case he slipped off track.

Gene Richards, Modesto

Keep lying Donald; we don’t care

We should throw all the wannabe presidents already making campaign noises about 2020 a change-up before the next game of debates. It would be much more interesting, and more revealing, if the candidates were put “on the box” (aka, a lie detector). If this was done, would President Trump again win? Probably.

We hear continuously about President Trump being a mega-liar; to tell the truth, it looks like he is. But we have been lied to so often that we might not be able to recognize the truth. Is that the problem? Or is it that we just don’t care anymore?

Lie to us, Donald, lie to us! You know we can’t get enough.

Ron Sanders, Manteca