Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 7, 2019 | Maybe Christianson will run for governor

Sheriff would make great governor

It really is to bad that Sheriff Adam Christianson is retiring. The one thing I hope he considers during his retirement is running for governor of California. We need someone with his spirit and way of thinking to lead this state out of the mindset currently ingrained in its so called leaders. He certainly could make mincemeat of pretty boy Gavin Newsom and get him to do something other than posing in front of a floor-length mirror.

Glennis Kidder, Newman

The decline and fall of a nation

Slapping lipstick on a pig and calling it a prom queen makes about as much sense as plopping asphalt in a pothole and pretending the nation’s infrastructure is improving. Having the California Public Utilities Commission oversee PG&E is like Congress investigating financial misdeeds on Wall Street and in the banking industry.

For three generations society pushed the slogan, “Just say no” to drugs. Then we legalize “recreational” drugs. What does that say about today’s morality?

Claiming Donald Trump is an honest man is as ridiculous as proclaiming Hillary Clinton an honest woman. In what war has the U.S. been able to declare victory? The war on poverty? War on drugs? War on terrorism? What about the war on ignorance? We have yet to win a skirmish.

Draining the swamp is a great idea. Replacing it with a cesspool, not so great.

Rick Kimble, Riverbank

Hanson defeats his own arguments

Re “Mueller investigation stirs up more trouble than it’s finding” (Page 2B, Dec. 30): Columnist Victor Hanson claims the Mueller investigation has not shown any evidence of the “sin” of collusion. He equates collusion to “sin” when in fact it is “illegal.” Calling it “sin” may resonate with evangelicals, but calling is illegal resonates with those of us who see the problem being an infraction of law.

There has been little from Muller on Trump so far because he has not released his findings and remains close-mouthed about what he’s found so far.

Hanson accurately calls Michael Cohen Trump’s “ consigliere” because Trump has run the government like a mob boss. Hanson equates cheating on Trump’s pregnant wife with a prostitute as equivalent to cheating at golf. Great ethics!

He called the Volstead Act an ossified, 219-year-old statute that has only been used twice. I think he inadvertently proved the value of the statute since it has only been violated twice. I wonder if he also calls the constitution an ossified document.

He called the Russian a “foreign ambassador” when in fact he is more akin to a foreign “agent.” He denigrates Flynn’s “confession” as if confessions are of no value to law enforcement. Really?

Mike Killingsworth,