Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018

More parking for both MJC campuses

I have been at Modesto Junior College for almost three years, and within those years I have noticed one big problem I’m sure every other student who owns a car has dealt with. We do not have enough parking lots. Yes, we have many, but we do not have enough. From personal experience, I know if I do not show half an hour early, it will be difficult to find parking – on both the east and west campuses.

MJC already has a big parking lot structure, but it’s not enough. On West Campus they are already remolding one parking lot, but for many students it’s tough to find parking.

If more parking lots are built, more students will attend MJC and the school will benefit. Parking lot security will improve. Building more parking lots for MJC is a great idea that benefits everyone.

Givargiz Tamarzian,


What’s Mueller got on Trump? Nothing

Re “Manafort’s implosion is a very big deal” (Page 3B, Dec. 1): Your Dec. 1, commentary has it exactly backwards. Manafort did not implode; Robert Mueller has. After spending 19 months and millions of taxpayer dollars, Mueller and his gang of witchhunters have found next to nothing. Paul Manafort was convicted of tax fraud for activities years ago unrelated to Trump; a handful of people have pleaded guilty of lying to investigators – plea deals blackmailed out of people who were probably guilty of nothing more than faulty memories. A couple dozen cosmetic indictments of Russian oligarchs have been handed down, few of whom will ever see a US courtroom. None of it touches Donald Trump.

I feel sorry for Mueller. Almost. He thought this would be the crowning glory, taking down what he assumed was a corrupt and criminal conspiracy headed by Trump. He may even have had visions of a grateful nation electing him president. Unfortunately, there is nothing there. An honest and honorable man would have long ago shut down the investigation, issued a negative report and slipped quietly into retirement. Not Mueller. He is determined to pin something on Trump, even if he has to make it up.

Douglas N. Brower, Ballico

What, exactly, does Trump owe Saudis?

President Trump should be first in line for the economic impact Saudi Arabia could have on the United States if we really agitate them. The real questions the press should be asking is, “How much does the Trump Organization owe the Saudis and how much influence does his debt have on his decisions?”

If ever there was a case for recusal created by a direct conflict of interest, it’s staring us right in the face. Be careful though if you ask; you just might find yourself kicked out of the White House press room with your credentials canceled.

David Ablett, Modesto