Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018

A president who said ‘Thank you’

I am one of the little people President Bush 41 reached out to. I was a security officer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories and part of the honor guard for the president when he visited the lab in 1990. I observed three men crouched on top of a building directly under the flight path of Marine One, his helicopter. They should not have been there. I reported their presence by radio and asked the SWAT team to check them out. Later, when the President rode by in the limo, he stopped directly in front of me and said “Thank you.” The Secret Service heard my warning radio message and found out who and where I was and the President thanked me for my concern for his safety. He was a great man.

Bill Blount, Modesto

Trump and truth, a real disconnect

As of Nov. 2, Donald Trump has made about 7,700 public presidential comments and 6,420 are partially to totally false. Trump and truth start with the same first 3 letters but go in opposite directions soon after. In the word “truth,” the th doubles down at the end. For Trump, the mp must stand for “Makes it Up.”

Two examples: 1) During the Camp Fire crisis, while people were dying, Trump impulsively blamed Californians for the disaster and threatened to withhold funding. Should Trump be trusted with the nuclear football? 2) During a recent climate-change interview, Trump said, “I mean you have scientists on both sides of it.” Wrong! 97 percent of climate scientists agree that human caused global warming is a serious threat to life on Earth.

Trump rejects climate science and has taken steps that will increase the severity and frequency of wildfires, floods, drought and heat-related diseases. Trump has actively promoted racism, violence and division, attempted to abuse his executive power, surrounded himself with crooks and is the king of hypocrisy and bullying. Trump does not have a conscience. The President purports to be a role model. Imagine what will happen if all Americans start behaving like Trump.

Steven Murov, Hughson

Story about Melania mean, unnecessary

Re “Maybe being first lady just isn’t Melania’s thing” (Page 4B, Nov. 30): Washington Post writer Monica Hesse showed a mean spirit when she wrote a hateful article about Melania Trump. I could find no reason for such negative writing. When we are trying to lift each other to overcome the extreme sadness of the fires we have experienced in California, we have no need for such a vindictive style of writing. Yet, The Bee chose to publish this article. It has no value. The Bee can do better.

Carole L. Kamrar, Modesto