Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018

Missing ballot cost me chance to vote

I am 85 years of age and this election is the first I have missed since being old enough to vote. For the past four years, I have requested and received a mail-in ballot. Last year and this year, I did not receive them. My kids took me down to the precinct office to vote last year, but a sore ankle prevented me from doing so this year. I wonder how many seniors and disabled voters are disenfranchised this way?

Marjorie Twohy, Salida

Measures D & E will help city’s kids

Your votes to pass Measures D and E are a huge win for Modesto students! Now we will work together to improve and upgrade our elementary and junior high school campuses.

The school board and Modesto City Schools will work to ensure the implementation process will be open and transparent. Selection of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee will be discussed at our meeting in December and staff is already at work preparing to make much needed repairs, prioritizing projects and budgeting the most equitable and prudent use of funds.

Information on how your tax dollars are being spent will be posted to the Modesto City Schools’ website, www.mcs4kids.com. All projects and spending will be approved in open board meetings.

Thank you to those who recognized the condition of our campuses and took action! A huge thank you to the generous business and community members who contributed to the Modesto Students First 2018 campaign so we were able to share our story. My sincere gratitude to those who contributed time, passion and energy to spread the message of the huge unmet need by joining the campaign committee! This dedicated group of teachers, parents and community leaders was amazing!

It takes a Village. Our Village has spoken. Our kids are the winners!

Chad W. Brown, Trustee, Modesto City Schools

Rules wouldn’t stop this shooter

Re “There is gun violence in every lane” (Page 3B, Nov. 24): Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke calls out the NRA on its position on gun control. Cut to the chase; exactly what gun law would have stopped this ex-fiancee from going to the hospital, and shooting up the place? Police come afterward to clean up, or mid-incident (after only a few are dead) to hopefully stop further carnage. Armed citizens are the most effective in quickly stopping and even preventing mass shooting victims. Yet nearsighted politicians and administrators ban the good guys from having the means to intervene. They have created “safe shooting galleries”!

Huppke needs to get his head out of the sand! I’m fed up!

Bruce Marconett, Escalon