Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018

Protect foundation of all our feasts

We are thankful for the bounty we share. The massive harvest, especially from California, would have overwhelmed our Pilgrim predecessors. Billions of servings of food products make their way to tables around the world with ever increasing efficiency. Weather, land and water compliment the ongoing efforts by millions of people working to grow, process and distribute food for our Thanksgiving Day feasts and for everyday life.

During and beyond this Thanksgiving season we hold the opportunity to secure and enhance our moral responsibility as food providers for the world. As we grow together, we can also grow smarter. We must avoid allowing masses of humanity to sprawl onto and over the very land used to nourish us. We can plan better, grow better and be better.

We can choose to protect our best soils for growing food, providing a legacy for future generations.

Every California city and county is required to develop land-use plans. Let’s tell our elected officials that our continuing bounty of food products depends on wise use of California’s land and water resources. We can’t all live in the garden, but thanks to farming in our region all of us have a seat at our nation’s abundant Thanksgiving Day table.

Happy Thanksgiving Day America!

Denny Jackman, Modesto

No haters, just lots of helpers

As I was going home after a game of golf, my car cut off at Oakdale and Claribel roads. I got out and motioned people to go around. As an older black guy and with all the hate talk going around, I was a little leery. But people stopped and started asking me if I needed any help – young white guys, older white guys, Latino men and women. They all wanted to make sure I was OK. Older white ladies stopped to help me, too. I have been living in Riverbank since 1990, and I have never had any problems. I just want you to know that people are still nice and caring. I want to thank all the people who wanted to help.

Clarence E. Siler,