Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018

No excuse for not canceling school

On November 16, Modesto City Schools mandated that all students attend school, despite toxic air quality conditions. Many believe this decision was made purely in the interest of saving time, money and hassle. Since when has contentment and ease been more important than a child’s health?

The air quality was so dangerous that it peaked at 367 on the air quality index. We can’t have children breathe air that can result in complications such as immune, respiratory and neurological issues (EPA). Students like myself have obviously recognized this issue and made it clear they did not want to attend school. A petition, started on the 15th, to cancel school for all Modesto City Schools has already garnered over 8,000 signatures in just two days.

Some may argue we simply want a day off of school. But that day would be taken off our vacation. Students are willing to sacrifice a vacation day for their health. Why didn’t the district sacrifice for our health, too?

Rana Banankhah, Modesto

‘Permit’ an excuse to break rules

I was stunned to learn a permit allowing unlimited water use has been issued for three months (Oct.-Dec.) for a homeowner to lay new sod. Good grass was dug up and replaced. Since then, the owner has been watering seven days a week, three times a day even though the sod has been in for a month and is now well established. It has even been mowed, but the constant watering continues.

Modesto is constantly whining about water conservation, yet they issue permits when people should be trying to replace as much yard as possible with products that do not require the water grass does. Let’s all check into getting a permit.

Arlene Kennedy, Modesto

Bringing back true patriotism to U.S.

Democrats have won control of the House and will soon be painting it a beautiful patriotic blue. After two long years, democracy will finally be coming back to America. But a lot of democratic values have to be taken back and restored. Americans want their pride, integrity, decency, honesty and patriotism all given back to them. This is not 1936 Germany and most of America does not want a Fuhrer storming around their country performing at daily “rallies” inciting rabid crowds to “Lock her up!” or “Build the wall!” or “Drain the swamp!”

The sense of decency missing for two years will, with time, reappear. Hopefully, Republicans will see the light and help Democrats achieve this goal.

All dictators eventually fall. Donald Trump’s time is coming. Historians will scratch their heads trying to figure out what led decent people to turn against their country and their own interests and support this nationalistic hater of democracy.

Brooks Judd, Turlock