Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018

Modesto Council’s comedy act is anything but funny

Re “City leases exceed spending limits; council approves fixes” (Page 1A, Oct. 26): Let me get this straight. The city of Modesto has an ongoing construction project lasting 15 years! On site, they have a “temporary” construction trailer, leased for 15 years at almost $50,000 per year plus a lease for the land it sits on for $573,354 and counting. The city council wants to make it seem to us stupid taxpayers that the real issue is the failure to authorize excess expenditures and overpayments once they exceed $50,000 per year. This is a smoke screen of monumental proportions. The real issue is total incompetence at contracting and gigantic negligence of oversight.

What really needs to be dug into is who at city hall signed such leases. What are the connections between Modesto and Empire Traction Company and city officials? $590,000 to lease five well sites since November 2014, plus $573,354 to lease land looks like exorbitant profit for someone.

The ineptitude is tragic yet hysterical; it would make a great script for a comedy routine. The actors are city staff led by the city manager. The producers and directors are the city council and the mayor. Just keep throwing those cream pies. As usual the culprits just walk away while the taxpayers get left holding the bag.

Robert LeFevre, Modesto

Nasty, costly, ugly – at least it’s over

Well, the nastiest, most costly, disgusting mid-term election is over. Each team, Red and Blue, sent us their propped up sycophants telling us how awful and untrustworthy the other team is and how they’re going to fix everything. We all know and understand that whatever is said, and regardless of the outcome, it’s going to cost us, the taxpayer, more money. There ain’t never no (triple negative, I know) free ride after the election is over.

Now, we can get back to our own trashy problems and petty bickering among city staff and city council. It’s tough to be pleased with our system of electing representatives with all the negativity expressed through the campaign and voting process. The amount of money being spent on all of this is mind boggling. The rest is just absolutely disgusting.

Bill Jaques, Modesto

President’s words are infuriating

I find myself utterly amazed at the audacity shown by our president who campaigned on the slogan that he would “Make America Great Again.” It seems to me that greatness ought to include some degree of unity in our country.

I will be darned if I can see where he has done anything to promote even a scintilla of unity among our citizens. Quite the contrary appears to be true as we watch snippets from his rallies out in the red states. All we seem to see is a narcissistic and massive ego bragging and engaging in childish name-calling and racist and senseless attacks on anyone who would dare question or disagree with him.

As I watch his diatribes, I cannot help but wonder aloud, “That’s the president of the United States?” Democrats are being viciously scapegoated as standing for “mob rule.” It is especially sad to see the GOP falling in lockstep with this president’s senseless rhetoric. How can we possibly benefit from the kind of divisive behavior we are seeing displayed by this president? I am ashamed and embarrassed that my country has come to such a sad state of affairs.

Andrew G. Alkema, Hughson

I can’t forgive Dianne Feinstein

I have no respect for Senator Dianne Feinstein. I know many Democrats are very good Americans, but she is not one of them. She is not honest always. She has not always been honest with our President. She was wrong to create problems for an honest man and his family, who is an honest judge, to become a Supreme Court Justice, who was chosen by President Trump. I would never trust her. I believe her to be a liar.

Roger Jacobs, Waterford

Let Santa stay home until Nov. 23

While driving by the so-called Merced Mall, I noticed something that should, and probably does, bother several people. The mall was advertising that Santa will arrive on Nov 17th. Can we please at least celebrate Thanksgiving before you start bombarding us with this? What message are you sending to our kids (and adults) when you minimize Thanksgiving like this? Why not just have the Jolly old guy arrive on July 1st so that the 4th of July can just be a passing thought as well?

I for one will never be parking my car in the “mall” parking lot again.

Ken Thompson, Winton