Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018

How will we keep this tradition alive?

It is with gratitude that I write to thank the Turlock community for donating over 50,000 toys over the past 23 years. Thousands of under-served children in the the area attended an annual “Santa Party” put on by Turlock Postal Employees and Westside Ministries. Our local Turlock postal workers have collected toys along their routes to give to children. Over the years, many children in need, as well as children who had experienced loss or trauma, were given an incredible experience.

Unfortunately we have been notified that due to strict ethical regulations, the USPS has canceled this event. Recently, a boy came to Westside Ministries and told his mother, “Mama if we still live here at Christmas, I heard Santa comes and brings presents here!”

It is our hope that somehow this boy and many many others will not be disappointed. The joy seen on children’s faces at this party is incredible. Thank you to the USPS carriers, the Turlock community. Blessings to you!

JoLynn DiGrazia, Turlock

Modesto steps up after my accident

I was in an accident on Highway 99 on Oct. 26. Fortunately, my small dog and I were not hurt. The purpose of this letter is to thank the wonderful people who cared for all of us after the collision. I’m not sure if they were highway patrol or local police, but when I asked where they were from, the answer was Modesto. Three friendly and courteous officers came quickly, took charge and ultimately one of the officers pulled up behind my car and waited for the tow truck to arrive. I’m don’t know the protocols, but I can assure you it was greatly appreciated.

The driver from Mike’s Scenic Towing was equally as nice.

While I was waiting for all the paperwork after the accident, two very nice women EMTs stopped by to make sure the dog and I were fine. They spent some extra time making us feel more at ease.

Having an accident on a busy freeway is not what you want to happen. But what a difference it made to work with such competent and thoughtful people. It speaks well for the Modesto area, as well as the organizations they serve. I wanted very much to let them know that what they do, and how they do it, really matters.

Margy Gish, Lodi