Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018

We’re not holding them accountable

It’s our fault this country is so divided. We let this happen. We have gotten lazy and stopped paying attention. Politicians are supposed to work for us, “We The People.” Politicians are supposed to do the job we elect them for, the job they promised to do.

Think how normal it is to say, “Well, politicians lie.” That should not be acceptable. The majority of voters don’t pay attention, just voting for the R or D next to the name. Think of the most controversial presidents (Clinton and Trump), both horrible people but both having done good things for the country – so we overlook their character flaws.

I was security police in the Air Force. We were constantly reminded that we were held to a higher standard. We had to enforce the law, so we darn well better follow the law. The same should go for politicians. They should not be re-elected if they don’t hold themselves to higher standards. It’s our fault if they don’t.

Doug B. Wilkerson, Modesto

Liberals delighted to be targets

For years, the radical left has been rioting, burning, looting, shooting cops, preaching violence, intimidating opponents and egging on the right. They knew sooner or later someone would react in kind. As it turned out, the person who did was a long-time, known nut-case, not your typical conservative. However, The Bee and the rest of the media is going out of their way to link Donald Trump’s statements to the acts of a madman when, in fact, Cesar Sayoc’s acts were exactly what the left had hoped for. Actually, it probably exceeded their expectations. Now those on the left, blind to their own sins, are trying to pin the blame on Trump.

Lance Bernard, Turlock

Damrell has a plan for our area

Having lived in Modesto most of his life, Frank Damrell, like the rest of us, had heard “good jobs” promised to us for decades. Frank is ready to turn promises into action. He wants to make us the ag technology capitol of the world. Many local companies are already involved in ag tech, and Frank will work with them to expand and attract others. We need to take steps to ensure our infrastructure – roads, water supply, low-cost electricity – meets the needs of employers. We need to look at incentives other areas use to attract employers and implement them to remain competitive. Sound like a plan? A vote for Frank Damrell turns these promises into action .

Sal Cannella, Ceres

Lefty Harder will cost us plenty

Re “2.7 million are still without health insurance due to loopholes, plans” (Front Page, Oct. 18): I’ve listened to lefty Josh Harder’s commercials lying about healthcare. He claims Jeff Denham prevents people from getting healthcare. He would rather be Nancy Pelosi’s healthcare shill. Before you do something stupid, Josh, read the article in the Oct. 18 Bee. It states that only 7.2 percent of people in California are without health insurance, lowest in the nation. Your plan will cost us $32 trillion. If you want to have your rates increased, Josh is your man, because he has experience raising rates.

Josh says he’s going to do “something” about our water crisis. Josh, you’re a waif in this water mix. Denham has finally gotten a bill passed by Congress and signed by President Trump to provide Valley farmers with water to keep their fields green. Democrats don’t like a good Republican bill because they can’t take credit for it.

Jim Bonetti, Waterford


A vote for Denham is a vote for Trump

The 10th congressional race is tight; every vote will count. I urge people to go to the polls and help reverse the sorry direction our current congress has taken. Vote for Josh Harder. On health care, Josh has vowed to support the affordable care act, while his opponent Trump, I mean Denham, is in favor of cancelling it – leaving thousands in this district uninsured and with zero protection for people with pre-existing conditions. On immigration, Josh Harder will fight to protect the Dreamers, while Trump – sorry, I mean Denham – has, along with his Republican colleagues, abandoned these hard-working, deserving young people. On taxes, let’s not forget the tax bill that favors corporations and the wealthy over the average citizen who, under this bill, will see, on average, their taxes go up. Who voted for this bill? Denham, I mean Trump, or no Denham. Sorry I can’t keep the two of them separate.

Randall Brown, Turlock

Harder just ‘Aunt Nancy’s’ puppet

After reading day after day the lies from the “Clinton crybabies” about Jeff Denham, I can remain silent no longer. Jeff Denham has always put the Valley first and works hard for us. He backed the President’s tax plan because we all benefit, not just the rich. I will save several hundred dollars this year, and I’m middle class. He backs the President’s agenda because the President was elected by the people of this country to carry out this agenda. Conversely, Josh harder is only running because Nancy Pelosi “hired” him with millions of dollars of campaign money so she could be Speaker of the House again. Why would anyone vote for someone who didn’t care enough about this country to vote until “Aunt Nancy” hired him to run? Common sense will tell you that he will do what Pelosi tells him to do, and she doesn’t care about the Valley. Jeff Denham is the man for the Valley.

John Sai, Turlock

Prop 10 will help protect renters

If you are a renter, or care about those who rent, vote yes on Proposition 10. It removes obstructions for rent control so municipalities are able to create their own rent control, if deemed necessary. It does not hurt homeowners. Consider the deluge of ads against Prop 10. Those are not financed by renters, who can’t afford to buy a home. Landlords maybe?

Candice Carleton, Modesto