Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Election 2018

Withrow was there for south Modesto; we should stand with him

When Salida and Wood Colony needed a voice against unwanted annexation by the city of Modesto, Supervisor Terry Withrow was there. He didn’t support them for personal gain, he supported them because he listened to their concerns. This is nothing new. Withrow came to support us in South Modesto when we had issues with a business. So when Wood Colony and Supervisor Withrow needed our support to form a new Municipal Advisory Council at the Board of Supervisors meeting, we were there for them.

Now it’s time for District 3 to support and vote for the man who stood up for them. Re-elect Terry Withrow to the Board of Supervisors, District 3. You won’t be disappointed and you can always count on him to be there for you. His district is not a photo opportunity, he takes his commitment to you seriously and you should make your vote count for the right man for the job. Cast your vote for Terry Withrow.

Rebecca Harrington, Modesto

No question, Kuykendall best for county Superintendent

Integrity, visionary, leadership, knowledge and experience … these words come to mind when thinking about why Scott Kuykendall is the most qualified candidate for Superintendent of Stanislaus County Schools.

I have known Scott 15 years as a colleague and friend. He is a person of integrity; a man of his word. He has all students’ best interests in mind when making decisions, finding solutions and collaborating with others. I have had the privilege to work with Scott. He has demonstrated that the decisions he makes are based on what is best for students and staff. He is a visionary leader who listens to new and innovative ways to give all students a better chance to succeed.

Scott leads with passion and energy for his students, staff and community. He’s direct and respectful, focused and a good listener. He’s friendly with a good sense of humor, yet professional. Scott is the person we want to lead our county when it comes to education.

As a father of two teenagers working for a non-profit agency who cares about the well-being of our children’s future, there is no other candidate who is more qualified to be County Superintendent than Scott Kuykendall.

Craig Orona, Modesto

Tough, honest, fair – re-elect Birgit Fladager

Birgit Fladager was a naval officer prosecuting cases for JAG before becoming a prosecutor for Stanislaus County. Her proven leadership got her elected President of the statewide California District Attorney’s Association. Most employees in the office have the utmost confidence and trust in her. She has modernized our office by going paperless and upgrading computer systems. There’s a reason she was voted Woman of the Year in Stanislaus County!

Birgit truly fights for victims of crime who did not want to be thrust into the judicial process. She’s smart and hard-working as seen by her dedication to personally prosecuting Scott Peterson. As a law enforcement officer for over 40 years in our county, I’ve worked extensively with Birgit and know she is honest, fair and tough. I’m proud she is our District Attorney. Re-elect Birgit Fladager District Attorney!

Glenn Gulley, Oakdale

Mary Jackson – a public servant in best possible way

I’m supporting Mary Jackson for the Turlock Unified School District School Board. I’ve known Mary since she was a teen. She is a hard worker, makes decisions based on evidence and not emotion. She is a great listener. As a former Turlock City Councilwoman, she has dealt with the public and has shown to be approachable and responsive. She has dealt with large, complicated budgets, contract negotiations and the burden of making tough decisions.

Mary is a parent of three children and has been active in their education and volunteered at their schools. The reason I support Mary is that she does the research. She listens to opposing views and considers them in her decisions. She has been part of education and has a passion that drives her to see that every student is provided with the best education possible.

Join me in electing Mary Jackson to the Turlock Unified School Board. We need her to maintain excellence in our educational system in Turlock.

Eric Julien, Turlock

Wish I could vote for my pal Gary Soiseth

Gary Soiseth was an agricultural adviser alongside me for nearly a year in Wardak, Afghanistan. He slept on a cot next to me (when we weren’t sleeping on the ground of some burned out building in freezing temperatures!). He went without showers for weeks on end, eating the same Meals Ready to Eat soldiers were given. He even spent his Christmas Eve counting ammo with soldiers.

Gary didn’t have to go work with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, but he did. He didn’t have to go on patrol, climbing mountains, wading through rivers and carrying ammunition whenever needed. He didn’t have to get shot at by Russian rockets or rocket-propelled grenades, but he did.

Gary is a good man who worked hard for the people of Afghanistan, worked hard for the soldiers he was embedded with, and he works hard for the people of Turlock. You’re lucky to have him as your mayor and you should vote for a person with his integrity and dedication. Vote for Gary Soiseth, I wish I could.

Sean Oliva, Minnetonka, Minn.

California needs a change; vote for Republicans

As a native Californian, I remember when this state had the finest highway system in the world, first-rate public schools, reservoirs that provided adequate water supplies and low taxes. Today, after decades of Democratic Party control (the Democrats have held the State Assembly since 1970 for all but two years), two mediocre governors (Gray Davis and Jerry Brown) and burgeoning union control, California is no longer a golden state. California’s roads are among the worst the nation. The state has the fifth highest gasoline tax per gallon, yet ranks 42nd for per capita spending for roads. California’s electricity costs are seventh highest in the nation. California now has the highest effective poverty rate in the nation. California ranks 45thin the nation based on standardized test scores. If you would like to make a dent in these problems, vote for Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox and vote yes on Proposition 6 to repeal of the gas tax.

Stephen Wampler, Tracy

Vote out the party of corruption

Three words why we should throw all Republicans out of Congress: Corruption, corruption, corruption!

Republicans stand by like timid children as Donald Trump messes up foreign policy and trade negotiations, engages in race bating, encouraging preaching politics from the pulpit , claiming response to the hurricane in Puerto Rico was splendid, calling for ICE raids while turning a blind eye to the hiring of undocumented farm workers, and signing a huge tax cut benefiting the super rich. The Senate approved Trump’s nominees who became the new swamp and had to resign.

Republicans seem utterly unwilling to stand up to Trump and safeguard the institutions that make our democracies work. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat” amply describe today’s Republicans. It’s time to remove these timid souls from office.

If Republicans lose, you’ll never hear another word about cutting healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, school lunch programs, loans for college, infrastructure spending, etc. The best result would be that no future party would be indifferent to the public’s needs.

Dale W. Lerch, Modesto

Replace know-nothings like Trump with people who care

Our children are going to suffer! Already, our neighbors in southern coastal states, in many California areas and throughout the world are having their lives devastated by climate change related events including storms, floods, wildfires and health problems.

Most Americans, including Donald Trump, have a vastly underrated perception of the impact of climate change and the need for immediate action to counteract the threat as urged by a recent UN report.

A Yale survey found the level of concern strongly correlates with understanding. Unfortunately, 52 percent of Americans receive an F grade on a climate change test. About half agree with Trump’s statement made during an interview in October, when he said, “I mean you have scientists on both sides of it.” This is a false perception as 97 percent of climate scientists who agree that human-caused climate change will significantly lower the quality of life.

Based on the interview, Trump’s knowledge of climate change is in the F range. Trump’s actions (reversed clean air regulations, dropping out of the Paris Accord and a huge deficit increase) are selling out the future of our children in return for short-term monetary rewards for the wealthy. He does not give a damn about consequences occurring after he leaves office. Imagine what will happen if our children use Trump as a role model. Lying, racism and bullying will flourish.

To provide hope for the future, we need to vote Trump and his supporters out and vote in people who value honesty, decency and freedom of the press.

Steve Murov, Modesto

Can’t wait; we must act against Trumpland

I was going to wait until after the mid-terms to write this letter, depending on what happens. But it just had to be said now as a reminder of what will happen if nothing changes.

Two more years of misogyny, xenophobia and racism. Two more years of destroying the environment and breaking world alliances. Two more years of Melania’s failed “Be Best” campaign . Two more years of bullying and degradation of the oval office, government institutions and the Constitution. Two more years of canceled holiday celebrations with family and friends who are on the other side. No guarantee on the economy.

And why? Because racism and jealousy of our past president reared its ugly orange head and represented a portion of the country that felt the same and elected this human (nicest thing I can say). He unearthed the anger and hate in a lot of the country and it will take a long time to heal.

This mess could last another six years. May as well change the flag to gold and black stripes and put a big gold “T” where the stars are. The divided nation of Trumpland. Sad.

Yvonne Hudson, Modesto