Letters to the Editor

I was running around on a busy street, but drivers stopped to help me

Not just good drivers, but kind

I was heading down Pelandale with a shrink-wrapped pallet of fragile boxes when a small hole in the plastic wrap became a big one, and soon the boxes came unleashed and went bouncing onto the road. I frantically headed out onto the three lanes scooping up boxes before a round of cars came dashing from the stop light. A good Samaritan guarded the road with his SUV and his hazard lights while I scurried to clear a lane for the onslaught of cars.

But the next bank of cars just stopped and decided to help. Soon I had about six or seven people leaping from their cars to help me gather up the boxes and get them back in my truck. Thank you! It was so kind of these good Samaritans to help someone in need. I certainly appreciated it and have told many others of my frantic but positive experience.

By the way, every single fragile item was in mint condition even after bouncing around Pelandale.

Pamela O’Brien,


Sure it’s good, but it’s not ice cream

I read Business Beat by Marijke Rowland on Oct. 3, “Modesto gets on board latest food trend, rolled ice cream” (Page 3A). First, I offer the very best and hope for great success to this young couple in their new business venture, however, they’re not selling ice cream. Their product should be referred to as “frozen dessert.” Ice cream, by definition, must be made with “dairy,” like milk and cream.

If for whatever reason, you vary from federal standards regarding the manufacture of ice cream, you can not label the product ice cream, you must call it what it is – frozen dessert. Frozen desserts are popular, they often taste good, they’re sometimes cheaper than the real product and you can be very creative with flavors and fanciful names.

Again, I wish these nice young people great success and I’m looking forward to trying their products.

Bill Jaques, Modesto

Bring back crossing on Carver

This is in regards to a crosswalk on Carver Road and Teresa Street. There used to be a cross walk at the corner of Teresa, crossing Carver Road, to Garrison Park. I was crossing this street a couple of weeks ago with my 7-year-old grandson. A school bus had stopped for us, as we were crossing with a couple of other people. But a car driver decided to go around the bus and almost ran us over!

I would like to know why there is no longer a crossing there? I definitely think the city needs to bring it back, plus they should add a single light. It’s a very dangerous area. This is coming from a grandmother.

Cynthia Carpenter,