Letters to the Editor

If politicians want to fix our roads, they will even if Prop 6 passes

A question of priorities; pass Proposition 6

A few thoughts. California pays one of the highest taxes on gas per gallon in the nation and has some of the worst infrastructure. If you listen to the rhetoric coming out of Sacramento concerning the consequences of Proposition 6, you will believe our infrastructure will only get worse and projects started will come to a halt. That will only happen if our legislators choose for it to happen.

How about using the gas tax money, previous to the rate hike, and using it to repair infrastructure only. Also, how do we continue to have money for a high-speed rail, twin tunnels that will steal the Valley’s water and now our own climate change satellite program? We have the money for our infrastructure, it’s just getting siphoned to other projects and being mismanaged.

Helen Landreth, Ripon

Rejecting Denham an easy decision

Some people might think the choice for Congressional District 10 might be tough to figure out. It’s actually quite simple, as simple as 1-2-3.

One: Donald Trump is a dishonest liar without a shred of decency or honor.

Two: Jeff Denham supports Donald Trump.

Three: Therefore a vote for Jeff Denham is the same as a vote for the dishonest, dishonorable, racist and sexist policies of DonaldTrump.

Republican John McCain voted his conscience over his party many times. Jeff Denham does not have the moral integrity or simple courage to do the same.

As I said, my choice to vote for Josh Harder turns out to be quite simple. I hope it is for you also.

Michael King, Modesto

Denham dances for his puppet master

Jeff Denham, just like his puppet master Donald Trump, has failed us seniors as well as America. From what I understand, Denham has supported measures raising the retirement age to 70 and he supports doing away with traditional Social Security – that I am sure he does not need but I rely on.

Denham will also gut Medicare/ Medicaid programs by raising senior premiums, making drastic cuts to funding and seeking to privatize the program. This will make severe cuts to medical research, senior housing, nutrition and other programs Americans need.

But he sure voted to give big tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations – just very little to the middle class and senior citizens. I have not seen any bills from Denham to protect our precious coast from drilling and our national parks from his Boss Trump’s destructive financial policies.

We need a advocate like Josh Harder who is not owned by Trump and who will work for our Valley and America now, so that for our generation and future generations will not see a country ruined by the current Washington regime.

Ken Westervelt, Modesto