Letters to the Editor

Confront those who grope, even if it there’s a ‘cost’

Be brave, confront those who grope

Re “Every woman I know has had that Ariana Grande moment” (Page A7, Sept. 5): I have been groped at a public swimming pool, the gym, in a theater, in a university library and repeatedly by a professor in graduate school. This was in 1975, and I knew if I turned him in, my future would be in jeopardy. I reported him anyway to our boss, who surveyed the department and found every woman there had been groped by the same professor.

Thirty years later, the perpetrator was still employed there, while he blackballed me. Today, he would not only be out of a job he would be in jail.

Gropers are skillful and sneaky, doing it in public. If caught, they act as if they have been wronged. It takes courage to report groping because the parent, boss, teacher, counselor, priest or pastor you report it to will often say it’s your fault, that you were provocative and that you deserve to be abused and demeaned.

We all need to be brave enough to look wrong straight in the eye and say, “No way!” – even knowing that doing the right thing is probably going to cost us.

Deb Bennett, Livingston

Denham stands for our core values

Congressman Jeff Denham has faithfully represented the 10th District of California for five years. He consistently stands for core conservative values that ultimately make great policy. He fights for veterans, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, stronger national security, greater educational opportunities, better allocation of natural resources and, crucially to our district, agriculture. His official stances on issues are backed up by his stellar voting record. He doesn’t just talk, he acts, and he certainly has my vote.

Ella Yeoman, Modesto

Soiseth puts city on path to ruin

Brad Bates is clearly the best choice as Turlock’s mayor. He will end the toxic environment in city hall and return fiscal solvency. Gary Soiseth is now with his third city manager in his one term in office. One of them charged Soiseth and the city attorney with creating a hostile work environment. Three other key positions remain vacant. Other city administrators have shared with me their fear of city hall’s toxic environment.

During Brad’s tenure an excellent city manager, Steve Kyte, remained for over 20 years. Highly effective and comprehensive long-range planning was developed. .

Soiseth’s campaign flyer boasted how he increased the city’s reserves. That is not accurate. Our city has been, and remains, in deficit spending since his election. Don’t take my word; go down to city hall and request a copy of our city’s budget. Our wonderful city is desperately in need of a return to competent leadership. Brad Bates will do that.

Bob Stammerjohan,