Letters to the Editor

Letters: Greed, new norms are driving some harassment lawsuits

Does greed drive some lawsuits?

Re “How state lawmakers confronted sexual harassment” (Page 1A, Sept. 2): It’s uplifting to see California lawmakers take the lead in-house and nationwide on the issue of sexual harassment. Over the years, our society has grown to overcome what once were socially acceptable interactions between sexes (right or wrong). A kiss on the cheek and off-color jokes were not taboo; people accepted them. Today, different values apply and those actions would be at least offensive and possibly unlawful.

How can you apply today’s values to actions taken so long ago when they were (rightly or wrongly) considered normal? When you judge a person’s past actions by current norms it is unfair and we open a can of worms. We allow lawsuits to be brought against people who were, in their minds, acting normally.

Hundreds of folks are speaking up now who didn’t consider it a problem then. Many are simply out for the money.

I know you are fuming, please understand this. I am not referring to the “casting couch” or outright sexual aggression, which was punishable by law then as it is now.

Mike Simpson, Modesto

I’ve gotten no help from Heath Flora

My representative in the Assembly is Heath Flora. I needed some help with a state problem and Flora’s office acted as if they were interested in helping. They said they were working on a fix and asked me to keep them informed of any changes. I have attempted to call them for two months, leaving voicemails requesting a call which still has not come.

Too bad. I could have told them the State Senate is working on my problem, having requested two years of reports to use in front of a committee. Like Jeff Denham’s office, Flora’s office will not help you if you are a registered Democrat. Flora and Denham are both useless, self-serving politicians.

Michael Burns, Denair

Give Harder a look before voting

Election time is drawing near and we are seeing a lot of letters to the editor talking about whom we should vote for in November. Many concerning the 10th Congressional District seem to be in support of Josh Harder. Some might think that indicates Josh is a shoo-in. Do not think that. Status quo lovers generally do not write letters or advocate for candidates. But just because they’re not writing letters does not mean they don’t vote.

If you’re unhappy with how things are going in Washington, vote this November. Register now if you haven’t already. And take a look at Josh Harder’s website, he has fresh ideas you might like – like making healthcare, college and vocational schools affordable. These issues impact a lot of us. Same ol’ same ol’ or a fresh take on things? It’s up to you.

Jason Thompson, Patterson