Letters to the Editor

Letters: What happened to the American flag at 10th and K?

Show some respect for flags, our city

“Not my responsibility,” is the response from several people I have asked about the flag poles at 10th and K streets. Did you know the American flag has been missing for over a month? And a very dirty California flag is stuck in a tree?

I thought if a flag flew at night it must have a light. I am pretty sure those flags were never taken down. How embarrassing.

Did you know a visiting mayor from one of our sister cities walked by this display? Please find some help for this and take some responsibility, Modesto. I am proud to be an American, and this is hard for me to look at every day.

Kathy Silva, Modesto

McCain real deal; Denham is not

I spent a lot of time watching the eulogies for Senator John McCain, crying many tears of loss. I am a Democrat, yet I respected the honesty and caring of this American hero. I will forever remember him walking onto the Senate floor and turning his thumb down instead of supporting the taking away of healthcare from millions.

I will also remember Jeff Denham promising to keep the Affordable Care Act at his only town hall since April 2017, all the while planning to take healthcare away from 130,000-plus of his constituents. There is no comparison between McCain and Denham. The Republicans have lost the leading bi-partisan politician who understood right and wrong and simple decency. This November’s election is supremely important. Each person should strive to emulate McCain and restore balance to our government.

Donna Endsley, Turlock

City’s sidewalks nearly impassable

I am 79 years old. I had a stroke that left my right side, arm and leg, paralyzed. My motorized wheelchair is my only means of transportation; I use it to go to the shopping center at Floyd and Oakdale. The sidewalk between Oakdale and Orchard Park on Floyd is blocked by weeds. I have called the city for several weeks and got only an automated system. I have yet to speak to a live person.

Gerald Hucek, Modesto

Speed bumps needed on El Vista

Perhaps the city of Modesto should consider speed bumps along El Vista Avenue. Not just one, but perhaps a series to slow traffic. I live on Glenwood Drive and there are stop signs on our street that goes from Carver to Tully. Cars use it as a fast way to get around traffic on Briggsmore and Orangeburg. We have children and older citizens on this street, and some fear walking here. To back out of a driveway is harrowing and dangerous. I hope the city does something for the people who live on El Vista before someone is injured or killed! Extra patrols would be nice.

Barbara Muny, Modesto