Letters to the Editor

Letters: Getting government’s hand out of our wallets

Take Jerry’s hand out of my pocket

How often does the California taxpayer have an opportunity to remove a politician’s hand from our wallets? The answer is far and few between.

One such occasion is to repeal the gas tax in November. We, the consuming public, are paying 58.3 cents per gallon in California taxes and an additional 18.4 cents to the feds. These taxes are supposed to be for the upkeep and maintenance of our roads and highways. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in the past nor will it likely change in the future. Anyone remember the Governator’s “borrowing” of $1.1 billion from the Public Transportation Account to offset shortfalls caused by excessive government spending?

Has the “borrowed” money been returned? From 2007 to 2010 an additional $1.3 billion in transportation funds were redirected to other programs rather than fixing bridges, filling potholes or alleviating bottlenecks. Down the road, these weasels in politician’s clothing will find another “legal” way to separate you from your money, but consider this a small victory. (I apologize to any weasel offended by being compared to a politician.)

Rick Kimble, Riverbank

Denham embraces cruelty to kids

Re “Denham returns, likes child detention facility” (Front Page, July 31): If Rep. Jeff Denham would leave his child at a center where he wasn’t able to pick them up again and they are at risk for sexual and/or emotional abuse, then he would be neglectful. CPS should be called. Whatever respect I had for his so-called attempts to address immigration reform evaporated upon reading his GOP talking points.

Has he not heard of the hundreds of children under age 5 forced to represent themselves in immigration court? Hasn’t he seen the pens where young ones under age 10 are left with no one to console or touch them in their panic at losing their parents? Has he seen the contract prisons where children are abused? Vote for a man of integrity, Josh Harder, and rid ourselves of this malignancy.

Susan Diamond, Modesto

I agree, put up or shut up!

Rudy Giuliani has it right, “Put up or shut up.” Unfortunately, he’s saying it to the wrong person. President Trump says he wants to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller even while complaining about the “Witch Hunt” and how it’s hurting our country. In the words of your lawyer, “Put up or shut up!” You want this investigation to end, hasten it by sitting down to answer Mueller’s questions. If not willing, then shut up about it.

It’s your call, Mr. President. But it seems that refusing to be interviewed is like taking the Fifth Amendment. Remind me about what you said about taking the 5th: “The mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth?”

Warren G. Council,