Letters to the Editor

Greg Jones: Want to make MJC better? Make it bigger

Modesto Junior College is way too cramped and cluttered. There are too many people in attendance of a school that is not big enough to hold them all. There is a lack of parking at the beginning of each semester and it’s hard to get classes.

One thing that can be done is expand the school. More professors will have to be hired, which will actually create new jobs. It can be made where people have to qualify to get into the junior college of their choice. If people just attend the school and take up space and don’t seem to be passing classes they can be dropped for a certain period of time.

People who are going to school and trying to get out as soon as possible will have it made easier for them. There will be less people late to class due to there being no parking spots. Some people who just show up to collect their financial aid check and not pass classes will be dropped. If people know that if they are failing classes that they will be dropped they will put more effort in.

Greg Jones, Modesto