Letters to the Editor

Mohammad Iqbal Khan: I pray to Allah that those who sow terror are brought to justice

The state of Muslim countries indicates a growth of extremist groups who wish to spread intolerance and division. These groups have taken the lives of countless Muslims and various minorities such as Christians. Most recently, in Egypt, terrorists bombed a Sufi mosque and claimed the lives of around 300 people. As an Ahmadi Muslim, I am familiar with persecution by such extremists in Pakistan; most recently, there have been weeks long protests going on to maintain laws that keep Ahmadis oppressed.

These events are terrible atrocities which are contrary to the teachings of Islam which state that murdering one person is like murdering all of mankind and that all believers are brothers. They rally people to their cause with religion but have selfish geopolitical goals. Such is also the case with the so-called Muslims who commit acts of terror in the West in the name of Islam. My humble prayers go out to the victims of these acts and their families and my prayer is that these mischief makers’ schemes fail and that they are brought to justice.

Mohammad Iqbal Khan, Clovis