Letters to the Editor

Michael A. Clarke: Tax reform is all about making wealthy wealthier

Congressional Republicans appear happy with their votes for “tax reform.” But what does tax reform really mean?

Apparently it means giving fertilized eggs the opportunity to benefit from college savings accounts. Apparently it means letting oil companies drill in the Arctic. Apparently it means letting churches endorse candidates for office (a new definition of separation of church and state).

Why does tax reform mean taking healthcare away from Medicare beneficiaries? Should tax reform mean giving owners of private jets a tax break? Why does tax reform mean eliminating the penalty for not buying health insurance, a penalty, according to the Supreme Court, is not a tax?

Why does tax reform mean increasing the taxes on millions of families while lowering taxes paid by President Trump, his rich friends and many in Congress? It seems the Republicans responsible for tax reform feel adding a trillion dollars to the deficit is OK. Apparently, tax reform means passing on massive debt to our children and grandchildren, while children from wealthy families receive tax-free inheritances.

Clearly tax reform doesn’t mean Republicans are concerned about the welfare of their constituents. To them, tax reform really means rewarding their affluent donors.

Michael A. Clarke, Salida