Letters to the Editor

Bryan Rouse: Too many traffic jams, so let’s widen our highways

Is anyone else tired of waiting in traffic and being late to class or work? I just want to honk my horn all the time, hoping it can get traffic moving, But nothing happens. We don’t deserve to wait any longer looking at the bumper of a car. I think it’s time for California to widen its highways.

In cities such as Modesto, Merced and Turlock, traffic jams have always been a major problem. Believe me, I’ve have been in many traffic jams. Keep in mind I live 20 minutes away, yet I leave an hour early just in case I hit any traffic. Why? I can’t afford being late to class.

How can we fix this problem? It is no longer an option to simply wake up earlier and pray you don’t hit any traffic. It’s time we improve and expand our number of lanes. This idea has shown to improve the traffic flow in many other areas. Less traffic means happier people.

Roads are our lifelines, why not take care of them? Improving our California highways offers copious benefits to frequent commuters. Every second of our lives is valuable!

Bryan Rouse, Keyes