Letters to the Editor

Brooks Judd: Culture that allows harassment, abuse must change

One by one “mighty,” “respected” and “trusted” men are being named in sexual assault cases. These sexual predators offer up self-indulgent, lame excuses or explanations. “I didn’t know that I was causing harm,” or “It was all just lockerroom talk.”

Enough is enough. The culture must change.

Women need to be supported as they hop onto that massive bulldozer of equalization that will begin leveling all the playing fields in business, sports, entertainment, armed services, government, colleges, etc. The days of perceiving and treating women as objects has to stop. Now!

The time to create a Department of Women’s Equality is overdue. This department will be run by women whose sole purpose will be to expose the culture of sexual abuse and the unfair treatment of women in the business world. Now is the time for women (and men) to say “No more!” and rid our society of all these sexual leeches and begin the long overdue process of creating an environment of equality in the business world and society itself. The culture must change.

Brooks Judd, Turlock