Letters to the Editor

Pamela LaChapell: What about Mathews Davis’ victim, Roger Steiner?

Re “Ex-County Clerk-Recorder Karen Mathews Davis avoids prison sentence” (Front Page, Dec. 1): Every time I read an update on the story of Karen Mathews Davis, ex-county clerk-recorder, I read that Roger Steiner, the man she falsely accused, is living in squalor in Fresno after enduring 20 years in prison.

Granted, it has not yet been proven that Steiner is innocent of the crime that landed him in prison. But everything I read suggests this is the case.

Why isn’t Davis required to pay damages to him for the more recent crime she committed against him so that he can live his last years under better conditions? Why hasn’t the investigation into the original conviction come to a conclusion yet? It seems to be heartlessly dragging on. Can a reporter look into what can be done to provide for Steiner in these last years of his life? Is there help for him?

Pamela LaChapell, Modesto