Letters to the Editor

Scott Turner: How many more must die before elected officials act?

Among the list of unsafe places we should consider avoiding, let’s add churches, concerts, workplaces and schools. What are we going to do about shootings in such place? Is it not our elected officials’ duty to help protect us? They are failing us in their dismal display of inaction.

Assault rifles are designed for one purpose only – to kill quickly in large numbers. I know people who say they enjoy shooting at downed trees with these rapid-fire weapons. But that kind of entertainment is sick at best. Gun advocates will say that making the possession of these instruments of mass destruction illegal will not solve the problem. I disagree.

Over time, if otherwise law-abiding citizens are fined or jailed for the possession of these dangerous arms, and they are confiscated and destroyed, we will certainly have fewer of them available even for the “bad guys” to own. Supply and demand actually works.

For those who say they have a Second Amendment right to own assault weapons, I say tell that to the children of Sandy Hook, the concert attendees in Las Vegas, the churchgoers in Texas. They “trump” your Second Amendment with a constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Scott Turner, Modesto