Letters to the Editor

Derek O’Bar: Denham says he got economic advice, but won’t say from whom

In Rep. Jeff Denham’s Aug. 11 newsletter, he states that he “assembled a group of local professionals and stakeholders to form a tax advisory committee, tasked with presenting ideas on tax reform.”

I contacted his office on multiple occasions to learn who these advisers were and what ideas they presented. Each time, I was told that information was not available to the public.

I then sent him an email for clarification: Who are these professionals? How were they selected? What stakes do they have? What recommendations did they make? Considering the impact that reforming the tax code will have on every American, certainly knowing this information shouldn’t be private – especially if it is going to influence the way Rep. Denham votes.

Because I have contacted his office vigilantly and received only silence, I now pose these questions in public hoping to finally receive a response. It is important for all of us to remember that our representatives are elected to represent us, not a secret group whose interests and motives are kept in the dark from the people Rep. Denham has been entrusted to represent. I hope I finally receive a response.

Derek O’Bar, Tracy