Letters to the Editor

Renee Atwood: Measure T won’t cost me anything

Modesto voters: Please vote yes on Measure T. As Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll has said, without Measure T passing the legalization of recreational marijuana use that California voters approved last November will hurt our city budget. It will adversely affect key services like police and fire safety and our parks and streets.

I was surprised that a solid majority of Modesto voters supported Proposition 64. But, since most Modestans supported it, how else can we implement majority rule unless we vote yes on Measure T?

Yes on Measure T makes the businesses benefiting from this new situation pay their fair share to mitigate any ill effects of this limited and narrow category of marijuana businesses. The vast majority of Modesto businesses and citizens won’t pay this tax. That’s the way it should be. Vote Yes on Measure T.

Renee Atwood, Modesto