Letters to the Editor

Steve Bantly: Globalization is the real culprit in killing jobs and people

A chemical plant explosion in Texas during Hurricane Harvey shows the danger that multi-national corporations can pose to the American public. The company – a French multi-national chemical company called Arkema – because of loopholes in federal law was not required to fully address storage safety issues. Nor did they. A crew of company employees, directed by local authorities – not company officials – moved unstable chemicals to a safer location averting a greater disaster.

This situation is caused primarily by one thing: Globalization. Based on the Milton Friedman/Chicago School Economics theory of laissez-faire capitalism (a.k.a. “free trade”), globalization gives large multi-national corporations – because of trade treaties like NAFTA – the ability to ship their manufacturing divisions overseas, using cheap labor and exporting millions of American jobs. These treaties allow loopholes on safely issues – as the people of Houston discovered. All under the guise of “free-trade” – making enormous profits for these opportunistic companies while compromising middle class jobs and safety here.

Donald Trump promised America more and better jobs and “great” health care. He didn’t deliver on health care; we’ll see how he does on jobs.

Steve Bantly, Merced