Letters to the Editor

David Wright: If we don’t pass T, we’ll all pay the costs of pot use

I would like to encourage undecided Modesto voters to vote yes on Measure T, the marijuana business tax. I was not a supporter of legalizing marijuana in California last November. However, a clear majority of Modesto voters joined California voters in voting for this legalization under Proposition 64.

Communities like ours now must deal with the consequences. As Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll has stated, only a yes vote on Measure T will ensure the city has the resources necessary to properly regulate these new businesses. This will protect the city budget for our essential city services. Only the businesses benefiting under Proposition 64 pay the tax. Most Modesto citizens and businesses absolutely won’t pay this tax.

Read the official information in the sample ballot mailed to you for more facts and reasons to vote yes on Measure T.

David Wright, Modesto