Letters to the Editor

Leonard D. Silva: By standing we tell the world we’re proud to be Americans

Our national anthem is sung to remember. Say the words slowly and it will tell its story.

Our flag drapes those who gave their lives so you, your children and their future children can be free. It’s a flag to be carried by those of us who fought and lived so all will not be forgotten. Those who carry it, and stand for it after we are gone, keep up our fight for America. If our flag starts to fall there will always be another nearby to pick it up and with it push up our nation so all can rally around our flag. That’s why we always protect her.

We must remember that those would tear down our flag, our anthem and our nation are tearing down our children and their futures. As Americans we built this great nation, not yet perfect but close. Millions died for her. Stand and tell the world, I’m an American and I’m proud.

Leonard D. Silva, Turlock