Letters to the Editor

David Shirk: A tree that plants a seed for hope in a better world

Re “Story behind almond tree decorated by the community at corner of Hughson orchard” (Front page, Oct. 23): I really appreciated the article on Danielle’s tree. It was inspiring for me and, I am sure, for others.

As a child growing up, my mother used to sing to us kids in bed before we went to sleep. We would ask her, “Sing ‘The Holy City’.” She was a fine singer. I did not know at the time, maybe she didn’t even know, but my mom was magically instilling in us hope for a better world. The last verse of the song goes, “The gates were open wide, And all who would might enter. And no one was denied. No need of moon and stars by night, or sun to shine by the day; It was the new Jerusalem, that would not pass away. It was the new Jerusalem that would not pass away.”

David Shirk, Modesto