Letters to the Editor

Laura Hogan: Schambers best for Modesto City Schools

I highly recommend Ryan Schambers for Modesto City Schools board of trustees in Area 7. I attended the League of Women Voters’ forum earlier this month, and have watched a few of his school board presentations online. I was not sure who to support this year, but a friend mentioned that he was running and I decided to check him and the other candidates out.

I soon added Ryan as a friend and took a look at his page, which I found simply by typing his name and Trustee Area 7 into Facebook. After reading up on all his posts, I found I liked his straightforward approach to problems and his no-nonsense way of coming to solutions. I know for a fact he has really made himself visible and approachable in his area. He’s knocked on over 2,000 doors and has had many conversations with the people in his area, showing he truly cares.

He is also the only candidate who works for Modesto City Schools. Being in the classroom and in the neighborhood gives him a unique vantage point to do the job, unlike any of the other candidates. I support him 100 percent!

Laura Hogan, Modesto