Letters to the Editor

Jayne Smith: Don’t like library tax? Then what would you cut from county budget?

It has been suggested that the libraries in our county be paid for through the county budget. What part of the budget would be deleted in favor of the county libraries funding? Or, what tax, and how much would the supervisors ask to fund the libraries? And, would this funding be deleted again if the state asks for more money? What would happen when another recession happens?

Measure S is to renew a dedicated tax to pay only for libraries in Stanislaus County. It cannot be used for any other purpose! These monies provide many needed services – reading and storytelling for preschoolers, computers for those needing to learn technology (because they can’t afford their own), e-books for those who can read at their leisure, hardback and paperback books for those more comfortable reading these, educational programs for students and adults, community programs to discuss subjects (whether we agree or disagree).

Yes, it is a tax. That is how we pay for our policemen, firefighters, repairs to our roads (and new roads), medical needs and other needed manpower and projects. How else are we to fund our common community needs?

Jayne Smith, Turlock