Letters to the Editor

Paul Golden: Evidence piling up fast, Trump is unfit

Good or bad actions by Trump?

▪ Fired the FBI Director;

▪ Left Paris Accord;

▪ Shared classified Israeli Intelligence;

▪ Abandoned Qatar;

▪ Praised Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on his drug program, which included killing suspected drug dealers;

▪ Picked Michael Flynn, an agent for Turkish government, as as national security adviser;

▪ Pushed a health care plan that would have hugely reduced Medi-Caid availability;

▪ Picked Paul Manafort, ukrainian government agent;

▪ Effectively eliminated the State Department;

▪ Trying to block immigration of Muslim refugees or even visits;

▪ Deport undocumented who have committed no felonies;

▪ Trying to end DACA;

▪ Allying with white nationalists;

▪ Defunding Planned Parenthood;

▪ Daring North Korea into a nuclear confrontation;

▪ Governance by Twitter;

▪ Threatening the multi-nation Iran nuclear weapons agreement;

▪ Unilaterally end health-care subsidies

Forget colluding with Russians, unless it’s also obstruction of justice.

Paul Golden, Modesto