Letters to the Editor

Richard Fetzer: Biased media is a threat to our democracy

Though we don’t want any foreign governments to meddle in our elections, I am concerned about another similar threat to our democracy. A biased, self-interested media source can paint a candidate or politician in a very bad light by printing slanted, incomplete or false stories with unnamed sources. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press, but our constitution’s architects thought the news would be printed fairly, unbiased and with good content.

Today, we have multi-media corporations owning the national media. Disney owns ABC, Time Warner owns CNN, GE owns NBC, the Redstone family owns CBS/Viacom and Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. All of these corporations make movies and television programs and maybe are more interested in news for profit, sensational news, news to influence and entertainment news.

It’s up to the reader or listener to decide if this news is accurate or not. How can the American consumer of news be better served with a system of truthful news media?

Richard Fetzer, Modesto