Letters to the Editor

Steve Pedego: Modesto’s ’50s car culture had many clubs, including some just for girls

The movie “American Graffiti” mentioned the Faros, so everyone seems to be under the impression they were the only car club around. We celebrate the ’50s, but they were not formed until 1960 and didn’t even exist in the ’50s .Before the Faros there were many clubs much more prominent who continued to stay active. In the early 1930s there were the Triangles; in 1936 came the 36ers and in 1945 the Regs. In the late ’40s came the Dukes and in the early ’50s were the Paos, Phi Tau, Hangers, Little Oakies, Road Rebels and the bad boys of the drag – the Uptown Boys. In the ’60s came the Faros, Delts and the Chancellors. Not to leave the girls out, they formed sororities such as the Nigans, Patricians, Phi Gammas and the Okiciyapi. All deserve acknowledgment.

It was a big part of the teenage culture of the time. I am sure I left many out and I am sorry. I would really like your input.

Steve Pedego, Modesto