Letters to the Editor

Veronica Whitney: Where was Bee’s coverage of San Francisco Walk for Life?

I am disappointed in The Modesto Bee’s lack of coverage of the Walk for Life in San Francisco on Jan. 21. Included within the estimated 50,000 attendees were hundreds of women and men from Stanislaus County who participated in the peaceful and respectful action advocating for the protection of a child in the womb. A broad-based coalition of feminists, people of faith, atheists and many others participated.

Life, born and unborn, is the most fundamental right of all of humanity. The right to exist, cannot be subjugated to any other concern, no matter how painful or difficult the circumstance. In the future, please consider providing coverage to this celebration of human life. No matter one’s stage of development, disability, difficulty, racial background or station in life, we all deserve to live.

Veronica Whitney, Turlock