Letters to the Editor

Roberta T. Anderson: Amy Bublak, a straight shooter who will best serve Turlock

I first met Amy Bublak in 1987 when I joined the Turlock community as CSU, Stanislaus’ provost and AVP. At that time Amy was the student body president. Then and to this day I found Amy to be a straight shooter who tries to do the right thing to solve a problem rather than just the expedient thing.

I remember Amy attending city council meetings as student body president to find out how the university and its students could be an integral part of the community. Amy has had a long history of working for the well being of Turlock citizens. She has been generous with her time and expertise.

Amy is a person of few words. She is direct and to the point. You may not always agree with a particular stand she is taking, but Amy will always listen to what you have to say and will share her own impression and reasons for taking a particular position on any point. It is my belief the citizens of District 4 will be well served by Amy Bublak’s election as their representative to the Turlock City Council.

Roberta T. Anderson, Turlock