Letters to the Editor

Frank Johnson: Bublak best for Turlock city council

I am very happy to write a letter of support for my friend Amy Bublak in her race to remain a member of the Turlock City Council. I have known Amy for over a decade. We when she was a Modesto police officer and we had many discussions concerning our community. Amy is very passionate about serving her community and has the unique ability to make decisions that are always in the best interests of residents. She does this by listening to all members of the community, putting her ego aside then reaching consensus on any issue she is confronted with. Amy is very focused on bringing jobs to Turlock and was responsible for creating the Turlock Partnership Incentive Program (TPIA).

TPIA awards grants to help start new businesses in Turlock. Since its inception TPIA has helped 45 new business open in Turlock, creating 95 new jobs. Please join me in supporting Amy Bublak for Turlock City Council District 4 on November 8, 2016.

Frank Johnson, Turlock