Letters to the Editor

Carol S. Benson: Kaepernick is a pawn in George Soros’ plot to destroy America

Colin Kaepernick has every right to free speech, as well as the right to act like a jerk. Today’s millionaire athletes are spoiled brats with no appreciation for the one country that enabled them to get rich and famous. From sports to PC neologisms (“micro aggression”? Really?), to bathroom labels, everything is now politicized and polarizing.

Leftists must stay up nights thinking of ways to defame, attack, intimidate and bully the rest of us with their endlessly long lists of angry demands. We little people just want to raise our families and be left alone by our ever-expanding draconian government.

Black Lives Matter is a violent group of violent anarchists hired as outside agitators, funded by billionaire George Soros. His endgame: the total destruction of America. He and his paid minions want to keep us all busy clawing one another’s throats while they move in for the kill shot. Kaepernick is merely one pawn on their global chessboard. Next time he and his peeps drop on one knee to spit at the flag (and at those who died for it), they should bow their lucky heads and thank God they live in a country that makes it possible for them to demonstrate and act like spoiled ignoramuses.

Carol S. Benson, Modesto