Phyllis Souza Boyer: Hope in humanity restored

Several weeks ago I ran to the grocery store for two cans of fruit to make a pie for a friend. When I went to pay I had left my wallet at home on my desk. A very kind lady behind me paid for my fruit, saving me a return trip.

A few days ago I went to McAuley Motors for a small part for my car. The gentleman in the service department went out of his way to be kind and helpful. Then over the last week I have had to deal with Animal Control over stray dogs trying to destroy my back fence. The officers came out several times to take care of the problem. The last time I spoke to them, after returning the dogs once to the owners once, with their own efforts they blocked the easement exit the dogs were using to escape.

I couldn't believe they went to all that trouble to help the owners and the animals. My hats off to those two young men and to whoever had the good sense to hire them. I hope I can play these acts of kindness forward.

Phyllis Souza Boyer, Merced