Seth M. Vaughn: Modesto must address why college grads are leaving

Dear 100 Day Committee, let's finally get to some real issues, please.

Want to increase revenue without higher taxes? Or for those business-minded, profit, prices. Increase your customer-base (tax-base). Especially those high earners. Let's finally address the decades-old issue of youth flight and brain drain.

In Modesto 24-44 year-olds haven’t been the majority of the college-educated since 2010 and those of retirement-age have skyrocketed. The college-educated are leaving the workforce.

Ten years ago at Beyer High School the City tried to convince my class to come back after college. The City failed miserably.

If you want us to stay in Modesto, start asking us why we’re leaving! If the City seriously wants to improve this city and its future, we should have a seat at the table alongside our community leaders. Start making us a part of our collective future, otherwise why should we stay?

To the City that begged me to come back I say, I'm here, now let's get to business and actually fix our problems or else I'm out of here.

Leaving the worst city for jobs would actually be the financially smart thing to do.

Seth M. Vaughn, Modesto