Letters to the Editor | Friday, Dec. 7, 2018

Become a vegan and save the planet

According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science we are on our way to the “largest mass extinction in 65 million years.” Our ecosystem is being threatened by massive rainforest deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. There is one common culprit to these things threatening our existence, and it is factory farming.

Factory farming is contributing to deforestation of 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest daily (Scientific American). Not only is the rainforest being wiped out, the greenhouse gas emissions being put in our atmosphere will eventually make our planet unlivable. “Animal agriculture contributes more greenhouse gases into out atmosphere then the entire global transportation industry,” according to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

How can you help in the fight against factory farming? By adopting a vegan diet you are making a vote to stop rainforest destruction and do more for our ecosystem than driving a Prius. You will be joining millions of people who are already fighting for change. Join a local Facebook group, get involved and most importantly get informed.

Jennifer Edwards, Modesto

Host a student, ‘see’ the world

This time of year brings many memories. As I send cards and letters I include many of the current and former AFS Intercultural Programs High School Exchange Students who have been in our area. Our exchange son from Germany, who was here in 1991-92, visited me on Mother’s Day. Andi attended Downey High School. He was in California and made time to see his host family. This, and many others like it, are experiences that one can have when you welcome an exchange student into your home.

As you welcome family and friends for the holidays, think about choosing to host a young person from another country. This will broaden their lives and yours as well. AFS students are filling out their applications now and their names will be available in January for 2019 arrival. Contact AFS through: afsusa.org. Or, Nancy Howard. howednan2@att.net

Nancy Howard, Modesto

Better choices now, better life later

America’s obesity epidemic continues grow larger and larger. With modern technology making work less labor intensive and less priority put on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we seem to be funnily enough going backwards in what is supposed to be us having a longer lifespan. So it’s good to remind yourself daily, be careful when you try the next limited edition McDonald’s burger or watching another episode on Netflix. Don’t suffer those last years in pain just because you made unhealthy choice when you were 21. For your own sake, think about your next choice.

Anneliese Salcedo, Ceres