Peterson: Preliminary Trial

Peterson family planned to keep some property

Scott Peterson's family had planned to voluntarily turn over only some of the items that his wife's family wanted from the couple's home.

Laci Peterson's family and friends acted first, though, and took what they wanted Friday from the Covena Avenue house -- over the Peterson family's objections.

Jackie Peterson, Scott's mother, expressed dismay: "Yesterday we see a coroner's report about a baby, and today we're talking about salt and pepper shakers," she said by telephone from her home in San Diego County.

In discussing the Rochas' request for property from the home, Peterson said some of the items, such as Laci's journals, could not be turned over.

"Scott didn't even know she had journals," Peterson said. "If she did, police have them."

Peterson said her son has a request, too: He wants his wife's wedding ring, another diamond ring that he bought her, and a few diamonds given to Laci by her grandmother. Peterson said the rings and gems had been taken to a jeweler for crafting into one ring.

"We want those," Peterson said. She said the Rochas picked them up from the jeweler.

The Rocha family could not be reached for comment.

The family had submitted a 22-point list of items sought from the house. Peterson said Laci's mother, Sharon Rocha, later revised it to 16 points.

The Rochas still wanted the crib intended for Conner, the boy with whom Laci was pregnant at the time of her disappearance. And they wanted the rocking chair from the baby's room, too.

Crib and rocking chair went out the door Friday.

Earlier this week, family attorneys said the Rochas needed to "sit in Conner's room in the rocking chair Laci had purchased to rock him in, and just to have the opportunity to feel her presence."

Peterson said she and her family bought almost everything in the baby's room, including crib, rocking chair, clothes and toys -- all baby shower gifts. Scott wanted to keep the baby's things, his mother said.

She said Sharon Rocha was welcome to take back the crib bedding that she had purchased.

Peterson said her son previously agreed to give some property to Laci's brother and half sister: for Brent Rocha, flower vase wall sconces that he had given to Laci as a gift; and for Amy Rocha, wicker furniture and lamps given to Laci by the women's paternal grandmother.

Other items, she said, Scott and Laci acquired as a couple -- such as two white chairs and an end table. "They are not Sharon's," Peterson said.

Nor did her son want to turn over kitchenware -- a food processor, a mixer and cookbooks -- "that Scott will need to keep house," his mother said.

Scott already had decided to turn over the salt and pepper shaker set, in snail motif.

The Rochas also had asked for "Laci's fine china and stemware." Peterson noted how the listing omitted Scott's name.

She described the china and stemware as wedding gifts to the couple, entitling Scott to keep them. She added that she and her husband bought most of the china, filling out the set after the wedding.

There are no photos of Laci to turn over, Peterson said. She said police took every one that included Laci, leaving four photos in the house. She said police also took most of Laci's clothing. "But she (Sharon Rocha) can have all of it."

The Rochas also had asked for Peterson's wedding dress. Scott's mother revealed that the dress was taken in a mid-January burglary at the house, during a weekend when Scott was in Los Angeles for a one-day search effort for his wife.

A few days later, police said they had identified a suspect but did not report an arrest. They gave no name but described the suspect as someone known by the Petersons, and said the suspect was one of many people with access to the home.

Jackie Peterson said her son got the wedding dress back, then had it cleaned and boxed.

She was adamant about a glass memento box. She said she gave the glass box to her son and daughter-in-law for display of photos and seashells from their honeymoon in Tahiti.

"That's a 'no-way,'" Peterson said about giving the box to the Rochas.

It is not known where the box is today.