Jury returns to court Monday in Modesto murder trial

There was no verdict announced Friday in a trial for Clinton Curtis Wilson, who is accused of murder and arson in the death of Guadalupe Mario Tubera.

The jury of five women and seven men began deliberations Thursday afternoon. The jurors will return to Stanislaus Superior Court Monday.

The prosecution says Wilson shot Tubera “execution-style” inside a west Modesto home, before the defendant started a fire to conceal the murder.

The defense says Wilson fired the gun in self-defense because Tubera was wielding a chain saw when the confrontation occurred inside the house in the 1700 block of John Street.

A gunshot wound on the top of Tubera’s head and another on the side of his neck were fatal, according to testimony in the trial. Authorities found Tubera’s charred body inside the burning house on May 4, 2011.