Money collection for Stanislaus Boys & Girls Clubs is a scam, the nonprofit says

People claiming to represent a group called Charlie’s Music and collecting money purportedly to provide music to youth in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Stanislaus County are not legitimate, an official with the nonprofit organization said.

BGSC “does not have a program called Charlie’s Music,” said Roxanne Bernal, its director of program services. “We have had an ongoing issue with these young men soliciting people using our name. We would never solicit funding in this manner. We would always be branded and have all the proper documentation.”

About four men who appeared to be in their 20s were asking for money outside the Walmart on McHenry Avenue on Sunday evening. One who engaged this reporter had only a clipboard with lines for donors to write their names and enter how much they were donating. He did not show any nonprofit documentation.

“They have been spotted at Walmart most frequently,” Bernal said. “We have contacted the Walmart managers to let them know it’s not us.”

Walmart employs a highly visible security service, but at least for a couple of minutes Sunday evening, no officers confronted the solicitors.

Bernal said she has reported the scam multiple times to the Modesto Police Department, but has been told officers would have to catch the solicitors in the act in order to do anything about it. “We will be working with Modesto Police Department to resolve these issues,” she said.