Tuolumne deputy injured while chasing suspect

Zachariah Guzman Jr., 19,
Zachariah Guzman Jr., 19,

With serious injuries to both of his legs, a deputy continued to chase a suspect, then fought with him until backup arrived, the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The deputy was responding to a report of a wanted man, 19-year-old Zachariah Guzman Jr., walking along Tuolumne Road North in the city of Tuolumne on Tuesday afternoon. When the deputy located Guzman, he called out to him, but Guzman ran, the report said.

The deputy chased him about 100 yards, then followed him down an embankment, according to the sheriff’s office. Both the deputy and Guzman tumbled down the slope, the report said.

The deputy injured a knee and an ankle during the fall but continued pursuing Guzman and was able to tackle him to the ground, according to the sheriff’s office.

A fight ensued, during which Guzman allegedly wrapped both arms around the deputy’s neck and tried to choke him, the report said. A tribal security officer arrived and helped detain Guzman.

Guzman was arrested on suspicion of seven bench warrants for failing to appear in court on weapons charges, drug possession and transportation for sale, giving false identification to a peace officer, theft and vandalism. He is also facing the additional charge of resisting arrest causing serious bodily injury.

The deputy is recovering after receiving medical care at a local hospital for a serious ankle and knee injury.